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 Professional Colleagues 


"I am a big fan of Lauren’s work! It is rhythmic, exciting, and always makes me smile.  Her choreography is easy to understand, and brings a certain joy to the dancers performing onstage,  which is amazing to watch. As an educator, Lauren is well versed in the art of teaching rhythms as well as the art of relating to dancers who are not necessarily comfortable with tapping. I truly believe she will keep them interested and even better, INSPIRED to explore the joy of learning tap!"

~Keri LaGrand: Tremaine Dance Convention National Performance Program Director, Judge, Master Teacher, Choreographer

"When Lauren started assisting me at Broadway Dance Center in NYC and rehearsing with my company “Les Femmes”, I felt so fortunate to have her. She was young, not far out of College. She was exceptionally grounded and processed a maturity rare in someone her age. She was, besides being a terrific dancer, a great assistant. Patient, unhurried, and with the understanding of a class and insight into the students that I knew would make her into a first rate teacher. That she has done -  and has turned out spectacular students, whether professional level or simply having accomplished a goal and loving dancing!

Bravo Lauren!"

~Germaine Salsberg: Tap Instructor (Broadway Dance Center/Steps on Broadway), Master Teacher, Tap Choreographer, Founder/Choreographer of "Les Femmes" Tap Group

"I have had the honor of teaching alongside Lauren Hopkins, training and rehearsing dancers and preparing them for stage performance.  I also have two children who have trained under her guidance.  Coming from this unique perspective of fellow faculty member and dance parent, I can absolutely say that Lauren Hopkins is a “total package” teacher and choreographer.  She combines a wide knowledge of tap technique and dance history with a desire to share her passion and bring the most out of every dancer, using her skills to create performances that are not only challenging for each level of dancer but also engaging and a delight to watch!  As a dance instructor, I appreciate Lauren’s ability to assess and develop tap technique through her combinations and routines, nurturing growth in every dancer involved in a production.  As a dance parent, I have seen the inner confidence that is built when a child works for and reaches a goal under her calm and consistent guidance.  Lauren Hopkins creates an amazing experience for dancers."

~Meg Eberly: Bluffton School of Dance-Ballet Mistress/Pre-Professional Program Director



"As a teacher & choreographer, Lauren possesses a constructive awareness of the students under her tutelage. She understands the variety of skill sets held by the individuals in her classes and adapts her lessons to acknowledge your weaknesses while empowering you to use them for your advancement. Lauren has an aptitude for organization as well as a grounded sense of reality - establishing an inviting atmosphere for students to stay curious and ask questions within her classes. 

What continues to impact me from my time as Lauren’s student is witnessing the care she takes of her students regardless of background, talent, or popularity.

Because of Lauren’s dedication to the well-being and development of her students, I discovered my present purpose for building a healthy sense of community within my companies & with the audiences I serve. I am blessed to be able to use what I learned from Lauren every night on stage/throughout my career."

~ Michael Luwoye

Alexander Hamilton in the Broadway production of Hamilton: An American Musical

“I never considered myself a dancer, so naturally dance classes were something that I dreaded. To me, this was a problem--but not for Lauren. When I messed up, she would take me by the hand and stay with me until I got it right. I am now confident going into dance calls in New York. Lauren's choreography is fun and exciting, but it also possesses the intricacy and style that makes it challenging. She has given me the tools to be able to say, I am a dancer."

~Adam Kaplan (Elon University, Broadway: Newsies, Lead in A Bronx Tale)

Lauren Rogers Hopkins has the unique ability to make everyone feel comfortable in a dance class, regardless of their training or ability. She is very aware of people's abilities, and plays up to their strengths, so her choreography makes everyone look like a trained dancer. She makes dancing fun foreveryone, which is what it's all about.”

~Anne Marie Snyder (West Virginia University)

Social Media Reviews

"Lauren was my daughter's first tap teacher and the love she shows each of her students is amazing! While I am not a dancer, I still get chills when I see the dances she creates!

~Ashley Best 

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